The best kind of conversation is that which may be called thinking aloud.
— William Hazlitt

Become a philosopher for one night.

Join us in our beautiful garden in Lecce for an evening journey to discover and share how philosophy connects all of us together. Don’t miss the beauty of philosophizing – because philosophy is for everyone. We will give you a new perception of philosophy and perhaps a new way of thinking. The free expression of words, feelings and life experiences is the essence of these enjoyable gatherings.We welcome individuals, couples, groups, tourists and locals. Available on Wednesdays, and other days upon request. We speak English and Italian.

Cost per guest is 15 euros. Maximum 6 guests.


discover your Philosophy

Join us for a philosophical aperitive in our garden where we will explore new perceptions of philosophy with a little taste of selected artists and philosophers. We'll discover how philosophy is about life, beliefs, society, mind and soul. Thinking and reflecting together on different subjects such as beauty, passion, solitude, love, delusion, we'll embrace philosophy through our life stories. We can create our own philosophy for the evening, through a simple sentence or perhaps a page of creative thinking.  It's an evening for enjoyment and relaxation, and also a time to share good wine and small plates of food from our kitchen.


What better way to engage in a night of philosophy than with a selection of light appetizers and wine or Prosecco. While our menu is always changing, we seek to provide regional tastings as well as dishes from afar. On our garden table, you may discover:

  • Local wines, Prosecco & craft beers
  • Olives & Tarralli
  • Salumi (cured meats), local cheese & home-made bread
  • Finocchi (Fennel) Gratinati, Baked Peppers
  • Hummus, Fruit & More